When You Wish Upon An EdTech Star. . . Disney Delivers Kerpoof!

Kerpoof is Disney's award-winning answer to an edtech teacher's creativity dreams.  Disney is known for its dedication to excellence and Kerpoof is no exception to their quality.  They have provided a FREE private online learning environment with tools such as spell a picture, make a drawing, make a movie, and tell a story!  I give this site an 11 out of 10 for being teacher and student-friendly.  Check out the video below for a preview of the many tools this one site offers.   

Kerpoof does an excellent job of catering to educators by providing teachers with some excellent resources including comprehensive lesson plans and related resources linked to both state GLEs and NETS as well as lesson plans for teaching student how to use the site.  They even include their own tutorial videos for how to make a movie as well as how to make a picture. Disney even lists some basic ideas for using Kerpoof in the classroom across the content areas.  These resources make using Kerpoof a no brainer for educators.

Admittedly Kerpoof is geared towards elementary and middle school, but I feel the movie and story tools could easily interest and challenge high school students as well.  Kerpoof's classroom/student management platform is better than Glogster EDU's free platform and allows teachers an unlimited number of student accounts as well as the ability to organize students into groups/classes.  The newest features include a teacher-controlled chat option, message board, and real-time collaborative drawing.  With built in motivators in the form of koins and a store to spend them in students are not only excited about the tools, but excited to earn new items to work with with every click they make.  At the store they can buy additional characters, scenes, special effects, music, and more. 

I gave my 6th graders and Digital Media Club the opportunity to play with the movie tool to create movie trailers, school club advertisements, or public service announcements and here's what they came up with.  Keep in mind that these students were playing, not being formally assessed.  However, I wanted to share what students could create with Kerpoof with minimal instruction and time.  The first example is an Anti-Bullying Western.  The Western has a full story from beginning to end as well as a theme.  The second example is a Scary Movie Trailer.

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